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If there's one thing we've learned living in Alberta, it's that you can't paint the whole province with a single brush. Mountains, lakes, prairies, big cities, small towns, farms, parks, and industry; we have it all. That means the people here are as diverse as the vistas themselves.

When it came time to choose a ticketing system for local events, we found that it was increasingly hard to fit each different event into the single model that most systems allowed us. Why would an event have to completely change how it operates just to accommodate the tickets? That doesn't make sense. We realised there had to be a local solution.

If your event is as unique as the community you serve, we want to hear from you. Our system is designed to be flexible enough to help your event shine on its own, without some big corporation telling you how to operate. Let us listen to you, and figure out how we can make it all work.

Give us a call at 780-739-5850, or send us an email at and let us help your event be all it can be.

Festival Season is here! Fri, 5 Jul 2019 00:00:00 MST

Summer is upon us here in the Festival City region. We are always looking forward to the weekend to see what new event is happening, and what cool new festival we should check out. Summers in Canada are always action-packed with entertainment, trying to take advantage of every moment of nice weather.

Designed by Event Organizers

That's a big part of why we built ezTickets. Other options out there weren't created by event organizers, and they don't seem to understand all the things that are important to hosting an event here in Canada. We love this stuff. Not only are we event organizers ourselves, but we love getting out there and experiencing everything else our communities have to offer. We want to make it easier to connect those events with the people who want to join in!

Essential Features at a Lower Cost

ezTickets is an easy-to-use, feature-rich ticketing system that cuts out all the fluff you don't need, and offers all the essentials that you need most. Features like electronic check-in, smartphone paperless tickets, and digital ticket scanning, all included and easy to set up. And it's all available at a lower price than any of our competitors, so organizers can keep more of the ticket revenue, and make sure their events stay affordable and profitable at the same time!

Tell us about your event, and let us help you make it a success!

Introducing! Fri, 14 Jun 2019 00:00:00 MST

Introducing, a new Alberta-based ticketing solution, designed for local events.

Sell Event Tickets

When the Leduc Black Gold Rodeo needed a new ticketing solution, they looked at all the options on the market to find something that gave them all the pieces they needed. At the end of their search, they realized that nothing quite fit the needs of a mid-sized event like theirs. Most ticketing solutions are originally created for huge venues -- superstar rock concerts, major league sports matches -- then scaled down to fit the needs of smaller events. This means that features are usually removed to hit an affordable price point for a small event.

Ticket Fees - Keep Your Profits

With, we added the features we needed, and built it to work the way a smaller event needs it to work. We didn't build it to hit a price point, we built it to do everything we needed it to do.

Great Ticket Sales and Check-In Features

That means it's customizable to your event, easy to use, and features a full support team on standby to make your event a success. For larger events, we'll even offer on-site support to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Print Tickets
  • Sales at the Door or Kiosk
  • Sponsor and Promo Tickets
  • eTickets on your phone
  • Customer Login

Online and in-person ticket purchases all through the same system, a digital scanner to take tickets on the spot, smartphone integration to allow users to skip the printer and save some paper, and real-time, in-depth reporting to help your event know what's working and what isn't.

All this for no percentages, and no monthly fees, just a simple per-ticket charge that can be incorporated, or added to the ticket price, at your option.

No Credit Card Merchant? No Problem. We will handle that too.

Sound interesting? Then let's talk

Send us an email at and let's see how we can help you.