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  • Allows one logo to be added to listing/ticket
  • $1 per ticket
  • Events under 25 people are free
  • Free / charity events are free to list



  • One logo may be added for the organization in addition to logo for listing/ticket
  • Allows upload of programme or playbill
  • $1.75 per ticket, maximum of 200 tickets, max ticket price of $15
  • Customizable "About" page for the organization, event or production
  • Allows for listing of multiple performers, bands, or affiliated organizations
  • Performance schedule
  • Link to single outside organization's website
  • Basic sales reporting and tracking




Extra Butter

  • 3 logos included: 
    • logo for event page and/or ticket
    • logo for host organization or promoter
    • logo for headline act or event
    • additional logos can be added at additional cost
  • $2.50 per ticket, maximum of 10,000 tickets, max ticket price of $50
  • Events are saved in database to easily allow future or repeat events
  • Increased data analysis, sales tracking, reporting
    • learn where your customers came from, how and when they purchased tickets, etc
  • Front page promotions on as well as cross-promotional opportunities with partner organizations
  • On-site assistance available within Alberta -- Canada-wide at extra cost
  • Option to tie in to performer database
    • allows performers to link different events to show "as previously seen at..."
    • allows events to highlight acts who may have a loyal fanbase




  • Unlimited logo promotions
    • Including potential for redesign of ezTickets home page for your event
    • Print marketing and banner promotions available
  • Customized landing page, tailored to your brand's cosmetic preferences.
  • Maximum data analysis and reporting, including potential for GPS locations of available buyers
  • On-site assistance for event dates available.
  • Customer profiles available for attendees to connect with your event and receive updates
  • Video landing pages
  • Full biographies for event organizers and/or performers available
  • Link to performer database
  • Unlimited external links
    • performer websites 
    • promotional websites
    • sponsor websites
  • Starting at $5/ticket, depending on optional packages

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