ezTickets over the Edmonton Skyline

A Part of Your Community

ezTickets is locally-built for local events!

If there's one thing we've learned living in Alberta, it's that you can't paint the whole province with a single brush. Mountains, lakes, prairies, big cities, small towns, farms, parks, and industry; we have it all. That means the people here are as diverse as the vistas themselves.

When it came time to choose a ticketing system for local events, we found that it was increasingly hard to fit each different event into the single model that most systems allowed us. Why would an event have to completely change how it operates just to accommodate the tickets? That doesn't make sense. We realised there had to be a local solution.

If your event is as unique as the community you serve, we want to hear from you. Our system is designed to be flexible enough to help your event shine on its own, without some big corporation telling you how to operate. Let us listen to you, and figure out how we can make it all work.

Give us a call at 780-739-5850, or send us an email at info@eztickets.ca and let us help your event be all it can be.